Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and to everyone who played and helped organize the show.

Extra shout-out to Dj Mudwulf. Any show he spins at is 5x better. Thanks for doing your thing with us for so many years!

The Drood is taking a bit of a show hiatus to finish our album. We’ll be back in the fall with some glossy physical objects for your eyes and ears.

xoxox ~N & The Drood

P.S. We got this lovely fan comment about the show and thought we would share:

Just wanted to let you know that we came from Kansas to see this show! I Anyway, had to let you guys know that The Drood blew me away!! The CD that was handed out that night stayed in my player for 6 months until my wife couldn’t take it any more!! Hope The Drood keeps producing outstanding experimental music!! Love The Drood!!!