NEW SONG and VIDEO from our upcoming full-length album The Book of Drood available March 1.
Music video by Wizardhead
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This industrial-psych track features haunting vocals bolstered by textural guitar, a dynamic backbone beat and steady bass. Immersive, imaginative and melancholy.

The core of this piece was originally written and recorded at home by Nathan Jamiel in early 2021 in Lafayette, CO during a solo two-day psychedelic exploration of Deterministic philosophy fresh on the heels of the death of his father and childhood friend.


Stare into the bit that was etched
Into time and space, then egress
forever trapped in amber
forever trapped together
forever trapped
We watch you hang, are you alive
On the wall, in plain sight
Sweet vessel, empty and light
I was just projecting
Here come back, from the edge
Where you left your sick and dying for dead
A moment, trapped in your head
Forever, trapped, forever, trapped, forever