The Drood got played… on the Halloween edition of the Second Wind radio show with Miranda Harp on Radio 1190! Check it:

The Drood are in some good company here with The Shaggs, Toots and the Maytals, Beat Happening, Dead Moon, John Cale and more. Thanks for the play Miranda!

Everyone else, be sure to catch this awesome eclectic show every Monday from 7-8pm on Radio 1190!

Glory the cat vs. aspen leaf cut like a pumpkin and mailed to me by Tess Witler <3

Listen to The Drood with a rebroadcast of their improv experimental radio show with BCO from last Sunday airing RIGHT NOW from 10am-12pm (Mountain Time US) on DFM Radio!

Listen now on


The Drood + Big City Orchestrae

SUNDAY October 15
6:00-8:00pm US-Mountain
5:00-7:00pm US-Pacific
01.00-03.00 UTC/GMT
05.00-07.00 CET

Listen Live on DFM:

The Drood will be performing a live 2-hour improvised experimental sound broadcast with Big City Orchestrae on DFM Radio! The Drood will be broadcasting from Colorado and BCO from California.

This show will be part of DMFs “on location” broadcast from the virtual Burning Man Festival otherwise known as BURN2 in Second Life at the DFM Media Camp! For info on how to log in, check out DFM is in the PANDORA sim, just across from The Man. You can even watch the Temple burn after our show!


I Hung Around In Your Soundtrack Thank you for the play!
Download the March 11 show here:

Tune-in every Friday night at 8 PM on KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla, Washington.


Thanks for the plays WPVM 103.7 Non-Commercial Non-Corporate Radio for Asheville, NC!

Check out the show here:


Nathan and Daniel got included (around the 42 min mark) in this live chat with cEvin Key, The Legendary Pink Dots, Orbit Service, and Dead Voices On Air during the setup for the Denver show at the Mercury Cafe.