Thank you Cellista for inviting us to support your opening show Cellista’s Élégie at the Dairy Arts Center! It was a wonderfully unique experience and we are honored to have been a part of it. And bravo to Dustin Schultz and Hilary Whitmore for their amazing performance! And a special thanks to Cressie Mae for your excellent movement during our set! Have a great tour!


The Drood got played… on the Halloween edition of the Second Wind radio show with Miranda Harp on Radio 1190! Check it:

The Drood are in some good company here with The Shaggs, Toots and the Maytals, Beat Happening, Dead Moon, John Cale and more. Thanks for the play Miranda!

Everyone else, be sure to catch this awesome eclectic show every Monday from 7-8pm on Radio 1190!

Glory the cat vs. aspen leaf cut like a pumpkin and mailed to me by Tess Witler <3

Church Fire’s Tabernac is now the proud centerpiece at The Drood’s home base. A perfect fit for Lil’ Baphomet.


Thanks everyone for coming out last night! It was an absolute honor to support Orbit Service and The Legendary Pink Dots. Wonderfully attentive, kind, and engaged audience!

We will be playing tonight at The Mercury Cafe with Mark Spybey as Dead Voices on Air, opening again for the Pink Dots and a very special solo show by Edward Kaspel and Tom Hagerman from Devotchka. Come on down!


What a night! Thanks Orbit Service and The Legendary Pink Dots for allowing us to open for you on this most auspicious of evenings. What an honor.


Thanks to RemixedGifts and the Marcys for a fantastic evening! The Drood unofficial UMS show!

Video and pictures by Remixed Gifts.


Thank you Ophelia’s!
What an amazing show! Thank you for coming out! And thank you to Church Fire, Blackcell, Dizy Pixl and Mudwulf for everything! Thank you to Randall Frazier for mixing, to thank Ophelia’s for the chance to prove Denver rocks!

Special thank you goes to Jake and Jules for building and operating the large creature who danced through our set. The star of the show.


Thank you Weird Wednesday and everyone who came out for the show! Thank you Claudzilla and Diablo Montalban! Such a fun time!

Photos by Claudia Woodman.


Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and to everyone who played and helped organize the show.

Extra shout-out to Dj Mudwulf. Any show he spins at is 5x better. Thanks for doing your thing with us for so many years!

The Drood is taking a bit of a show hiatus to finish our album. We’ll be back in the fall with some glossy physical objects for your eyes and ears.

xoxox ~N & The Drood

P.S. We got this lovely fan comment about the show and thought we would share:

Just wanted to let you know that we came from Kansas to see this show! I Anyway, had to let you guys know that The Drood blew me away!! The CD that was handed out that night stayed in my player for 6 months until my wife couldn’t take it any more!! Hope The Drood keeps producing outstanding experimental music!! Love The Drood!!!


Thanks to EVERYONE who came out last night! We have a fantastic community of artists, musicians and supporters here. Grazie!!

And thank you to Laura Keeney from The Denver Post for showing us some love!