New song and video by The Drood

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Music by The Drood

Drums, Keyboards, Noise by Daniel Watts
Bass, Guitar, Vocals by Nathan Jamiel

Recorded at The Drood Studio in Lafayette, CO

Produced by The Drood
Recorded by The Drood
Mixed by Daniel Watts
Mastered by Joep Hendrikx

Music video filmed by Jake Jamiel and edited by Daniel Wattts

Cover art by Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel
Cover design by Daniel Watts

Released by Emergency Hearts March 7, 2023

© Copyright 2023 The Drood


You are not the strength which you so desperately project
Nor are you simply the despair into which you egress
When the meat becomes aware that it’s aware at last
You’ll seek out magick through communion with the shadowcast

Indulgent bites cost a hefty price

You’ve been riding your low too long
Hunger pangs exacerbate your salivating maw
Your prey escaped imprisonment but sucked dry
By vampirism masked as kindness feeding on the sly

Indulgent bites cost a hefty price

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The Drood Bio

The Drood is an Electronic-Rock band from Denver, Colorado featuring Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts . Their dark, dream-like sound pulls creatively from the fringes of Post-Rock, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Industrial and more. There is an other-worldliness and intensity to their music which seeks to speak to the soul, and a fascinating overlap between mysticism and skepticism, inspiration and despair. The Drood encourages the listener to encounter the abnormal, the uncomfortable, and the beautiful.

In 2012 The Drood was established by vocalist and guitarist Nathan Jamiel percussionist Daniel Watts, bassist Hayden Peltier and keyboardist Stuart Mizrahi as a side project to their primary live electronic band In Better Senses which was already a mainstay of the experimental, noise and industrial music scenes orbiting the Denver-based Backwards Records.

In 2013 Stuart Mizrahi left the band and The Drood began making music in earnest, collaborating and recording with various artists including keyboardist Tara Earl and guitarist Fletcher Williams among others. Orbit Service, a band which both Jamiel and Watts have also occasionally performed-in, and its pilot Randall Frazier helped The Drood establish themselves as a live act on Denver stages.

In 2016 The Drood released their first full-length album The Drood (self-titled) as a limited-print CD. The album was entirely self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in their home studio in Lafayette, Colorado.

In 2017 Hayden Peltier left the band and The Drood officially settled into its current two-person configuration with Nathan and Daniel. Since his departure Peltier has occasionally performed live with the band and has collaborated on a number of recordings.

In 2018 The Drood headlined a weekend show at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox, one of Denver's most sought-after live venues, to much success, and released two singles with accompanying music videos for their songs Psychosphere and Charles Mangrove.

In 2019 The Drood was one of two opening acts to play before the international touring band The Legendary Pink Dots at a sold-out special Halloween show in Denver and released their limited-print CDR SINGLES which featured songs previously only available digitally.

In 2020 The Drood were scheduled to join Dead Voices on Air and Orbit Service for a five-city south-western US tour which was indefinitely postponed due to the pandemic. The band took a long break to be safe and to be with family but managed to wrap-up production on their second full-length studio album Totally Comfortable™ which they released on Halloween of 2020.

In 2021 The Drood released Totally Comfortable™ on 12" 180g white vinyl and popped-up for a live show at Lost Lake in mid-July in Denver. Capping-off the year The Drood performed live on Radio 1190 in Boulder, Colorado.

Pandemic-forced introspection forged new creative paths for the band which culminated in the creation of a number of new songs and videos currently in various stages of completion. The first of this new breed of material is the single It Must Needs Wither featuring an animated music video by artist Tom Nelsen which was released on Jan 25th 2022 and premiered after a live performance by The Drood on the Kabaret show on KGNU radio.

The Drood Press

...subverting the dark music paradigm with wry humor and deeply imaginative reworking of tropes into new shapes.

Queen City Sounds and Art

...may make you feel as though you’re sitting in with a forgotten cult in its musical sanctum sanctorum.

Tom Murphy,
Westword Magazine

Anything goes... so many different sounds and influences, but at the same time... remarkably consistent.

Peter Vidani,
The Bandcamp Diaries

The Drood get weird.

– Laura Keeney,
The Denver Post

The Drood Pics

The Drood. Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts. Photo by Daniel Watts.
The Drood. Haden Peltier, Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts. Photo by Nobody.
The Drood. Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts. Photo by Sherrie Pasko.
Nathan Jamiel performing with The Drood at The Walnut Room in Denver, CO. Photo by Shane Etter.
The Drood. Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox in Denver, CO. Photo by Mike Tarno.
The Drood. Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel at The Walnut Room in Denver, CO. Photo by Patty Renault.
The Drood. Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel at Remixed Gifts in Denver, CO. Photo by Cindy Gamel.
The Drood. Daniel Watts, Nathan Jamiel and Hayden Peltier at The Mercury Cafe in Denver, CO. Photo by Brent Nicholas.
The Drood. Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox in Denver, CO. Photo by unknown.

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