The Bandcamp Diaries Reviews Totally Comfortable™

November 2020 - The Drood is a musical duo consisting of Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts. These two musicians have a diverse range of influences, and a distinctive creative approach that pushes them to experiment and explore new ideas. Their most recent album, “Totally Comfortable,” is a darker record featuring 8 new songs. From the haunting and organic soundscapes of “Sentience,” down to the deeper electronic atmospheres of “Ether,” anything goes. These 8 tracks feature so many different sounds and influences, but at the same time, the album is remarkably consistent. One of my personal favorites is definitely the song “Sun Shone,” which features some cool synth sequences and a big, dark texture, reminiscent of artists like Nine Inch Nails or Killing Joke. Speaking of comparisons, I would also recommend listening to this release if you like bands like Dead Rituals, Nine Inch Nails or The Mars Volta, among others!

By Peter Vidani @ The Bandcamp Diaries
November 8, 2020