Dead Voices On Air

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2022 at 8:30 PM

Join Nathan Jamiel, Daniel Watts and Mark Spybe for a live performance as Dead Voices on Air with Future Ghosts and Steve Marsh on Tuesday Nov 22, 2022 at 8:30 PM at Elysium in Austin.

This will be the second of two very special DVOA shows in the US in 2022. Dead Voices On Air will play new versions of songs that Mark Spybey has contributed to over the years: including songs from his work with Download, Beehatch and of course Dead Voices On Air. For these performances he will be joined by Denver based musicians Nathan Jamiel and Daniel Watts from the band The Drood.

Spybey says, “I want to be able to concentrate on singing and performing music live, with the aid of like-minded musicians in recognition of and as a way of celebrating the work I have done with other people, friends and family. To be able to play the music of Beehatch for example, the songs that I created with the late and great Phil Western, means so much to me. Nathan and Daniel have been able to help me realize a dream. I won’t be using a laptop, I will be singing and creating sounds with whatever I have at hand and we will be playing music with ‘real’ instruments. I have not been able to do this for many years, for all sorts of reasons and I hope that the audiences in both of these wonderful cities will enjoy listening to this sad but hopefully, beautiful music.“

Dead Voices on Air (DVOA) is the solo experimental and industrial project of Mark Spybey. Spybey was a member of the bands Zoviet-France, Download, Reformed Faction, Beehatch, Gnome and Spybey, and Propeller. Dead Voices On Air has also collaborated with a variety of artists including members of Can, Faust, Swans, Not Breathing and Skinny Puppy.

Future Ghosts are an art/rock/dream/pop band from Chicago featuring Thor Harris, ex Swans percussionist telling stories about love, ghosts, and the trickiness of time with hooks and melodies that leap from heavily textured sonic landscapes.

Steve Marsh is an experimental artist who records and performs solo as Radarcave, TelepathiX, Life Skills Department, Evil Triplet and Magic Marsh Room.


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