Track List

  1. Flies – 5:33
  2. Theatre Nine – 4:51
  3. Serendipity and Delusion – 4:09
  4. This and That – 4:27
  5. Three for Falling – 4:48
  6. Automeaton – 3:44
  7. Neither One Exists – 5:04
  8. Self-Imposed Perpetual Dissatisfaction – 3:28
  9. The Marshes – 4:08


The debut self-titled studio release from Denver band The Drood travels a dark and dreamy path through space-rock and psychedelia. With an enigmatic sound that slides between sludgy space/progrock, industrial-esque grit and layered soundscape-dreams The Drood plods through an eclectic range of emotion, mystery and just plain weirdness. Sure to interest those seeking an esoteric journey in audio form.


Released September 11, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by The Drood at The Drood Studio in Lafayette, Colorado with:

Nathan Jamiel: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Hayden Peltier: Bass Guitar
Daniel Watts: Drums and Noises

Special Guests:

Fletcher Williams: Guitars, keys, noises, mixing and backing vocals (Theatre Nine, Automeaton, Self-Imposed Perpetual Dissatisfaction)
Tara Earle: Keys and noises (Flies)

Songs Arranged and Mixed by Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel.
Theatre Nine Arranged and Mixed by Fletcher Williams.
Mastered by Hayden Peltier.
Artwork by Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel.

© Copyright 2016 The Drood