The Book of Drood – New full-length album OUT NOW!
The fourth full-length album by The Drood. Nine tracks of cinematic, serpentine psych-tinged art-rock for the discriminating psychonaut.


NEW SONG and VIDEO from our upcoming full-length album The Book of Drood available March 1.
Music video by Wizardhead
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This industrial-psych track features haunting vocals bolstered by textural guitar, a dynamic backbone beat and steady bass. Immersive, imaginative and melancholy.

The core of this piece was originally written and recorded at home by Nathan Jamiel in early 2021 in Lafayette, CO during a solo two-day psychedelic exploration of Deterministic philosophy fresh on the heels of the death of his father and childhood friend.


Stare into the bit that was etched
Into time and space, then egress
forever trapped in amber
forever trapped together
forever trapped
We watch you hang, are you alive
On the wall, in plain sight
Sweet vessel, empty and light
I was just projecting
Here come back, from the edge
Where you left your sick and dying for dead
A moment, trapped in your head
Forever, trapped, forever, trapped, forever


jamiel​:​spybey by Dead Voices On Air
New full-length album available now from Re:Mission.
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We are very happy to share the news of this new joint Dead Voices On Air work between Mark Spybey and Nathan Jamiel featuring collaborations with Cellista, Swan Den, and Daniel Watts.


Just released!

A new ambient compilation featuring The Drood, Dead Voices On Air, Pine Tree Radar and more out now on Emergency Hearts records!

This comp features the song Agathos from our new full-length album Superposition also available from Emergency Hearts.

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Today we are happy to announce the release of our new full-length album Superposition!

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A superposition is when multiple things occupy the same space, an apt name for this unique collection of layered soundscapes and aural exploration from the Denver-based experimental-psych band The Drood. This album represents a shift in perspective from some of the groups previous releases as it takes a decidedly ambient direction, doing away with the expected percussion and vocals and instead exploring the environmental emotion of atmospheres. Peppered only sparsely with haunting guitar and bass rhythms, most of the focus is on sonic experimentalism and the improvised sound experience.

The album features 60 minutes of uninterrupted audio divided into 16 tracks that flow seamlessly from one to the other on a journey through texture, color, space and time.

Originally recorded for the Mysteries of Ub television show Episode 83 broadcast live on March 3rd, 2023, this release features the isolated audio beautifully mastered by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg with artwork by Daniel Watts using reconstructed imagery by dAs from the original broadcast.


Check out this sweet remix of our track It Must Needs Wither by Telepathix (aka, the amazing Steve Marsh)! Grab it at Emergency Hearts Bandcamp!!


Hallow – NEW SONG and VIDEO

When the meat becomes aware that it’s aware at last
You’ll seek out magick through communion with the shadow cast…

We are pleased to release our new song and music video for Hallow on Emergency Hearts records. Special thanks to Jake Jamiel for the video work.

Full video:


We are very excited to announce a new Dead Voices On Air remix of our song It Must Needs Wither available now from Emergency Hearts records. Get your copy from Bandcamp or wherever you get new music!



Very proud to have worked on this studio version of Psychic TV’s White Nights with Mister Mark Spybey from Dead Voices On Air. The most Christmasy jingle about Jonestown you’ll hear all Holiday Season!


White Knights (Live in Austin) just released!

White Nights was originally released by Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV, this version was recorded live at Elysium in Austin TX with Dead Voices On Air, Curse Mackey, Rona Rougeheart, and The Drood. Released by Emergency Hearts records.

Check it here:


Totally Comfortable™ Vinyl
The Drood‘s white (thermite hot) 180gm vinyl is on 9/11 sale today!

Big thanks to MonotypePressing for their keen ear and professionalism. Highly recommended.
HUGE thanks to Randall Frazier for mastering!


Totally Comfortable™ by The Drood on 180-gram white vinyl releases on September 11th!
You can pre-order now here:


New single Take It From Me by Orbit Service just released featuring Erik Drost of The Legendary Pink Dots and The Dust Bombers and electric bass and guitar by Nathan Jamiel.

Find it at the Orbit Service Bandcamp page:


INTRODUCING The Drood’s new full-length album
Totally Comfortable™

NOW available for play on Spotify and purchase from Bandcamp!


Written and recorded over the course of the last four years by The Drood and mastered by Randall Frazier.

The timing of Totally Comfortable’s release is anything but totally comfortable. The state of the world right now can feel unnerving, uncertain, unjust, and unstable. All we can do is try and and find comfort in the uncomfortable. Best of luck to us all. We miss seeing all of your now masked faces through our masked faces.

Stay safe. Stay kind. Stay Totally Comfortable™.
The Drood

Artwork by Daniel Watts.


Orbit Service just released a cover of the Sparkle Horse song Saint Mary which features bass guitar by Nathan Jamiel.

“when does sky turn into space and air into wind?”
Bass provided by Nathan Jamiel of The Drood, otherwise this is all analog synths. (prophet rev 2 and mother 32)

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The new printed CDR from The Drood!

A compilation of three songs previously released in digital-only format.
Available on Bandcamp and everywhere you get music

Cover art by Daniel Watts
Audio mastered by Randall Frazier

Come down to our show on Feb 6th and pick up some newly pressed media!


Charles Mangrove

Nothing like a good ole fashioned exErcism (sp) to align all of your various chakras and chalk outlines.

Buy it here!

Listen to it here!…

Thanks to Drummond West for filming us, Randall Frazier for mastering the track, Jake Jamiel for costuming, and Libby Harper for heeding our summons.


2 NEW SONGS + a VIDEO from The Drood

Feast your ears and eyes upon the new tracks Psychosphere and Spell, available now (digital only) from Bandcamp and everywhere you get music.

Video by Nathan Jamiel.

Artwork by Daniel Watts and Nathan Jamiel.

Songs Written, Arranged and Mixed by The Drood

Nathan Jamiel: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synths, Keys,
Composition, Arrangement, Engineering

Daniel Watts: Drums, Synths, Keys, Mixing,
Arrangement, Engineering

Hayden Peltier: Bass Guitar on “Spell”

Recorded at The Drood Studio in Lafayette, Colorado

Mastered by Randall Fraizer


We are happy to announce the release of our debut full-length album. Self-titled. The Drood.
Find it at Bandcamp and everywhere else you get music.